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Travel to Svalbard, Spitsbergen offer great experiences and impressions are numerous.
There's chances to spot Polar Bears in Svalbard

About Svalbard

Experience Longyearbyen in the blue hour

About Longyearbyen

You have a lot to look forward to when traveling to Spitsbergen, Svalbard. The experiences and impressions are numerous. The air is clean and the arctic nature is wild, beautiful and untouched . It has a distinctive flora, unique heritage, and many of the wildlife species exist only here in the Arctic. Most of what you’ll see around you is just here.

Travel to Svalbard and Longyearbyen

Overview and details of companies providing travel, accommodation, activities and experiences in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. From cheap accommodation to full service hotels.


Passenger transportation to Svalbard is by plane from Oslo or Tromsø. In high season flies both Norwegian and SAS, while in low season, only SAS is operating flights.
Flight time from Oslo is about 3 hours, and from Tromsø about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Number of flights per week is depending on season. From the airport of Longyearbyen there is a airport shuttle bus in connection with the departure and arrival, and in Longyearbyen there are also several taxis.
There is no ordinary boat transportation from the mainland to Svalbard. There is also no roads connecting the settlements on Spitsbergen.

You can book your flight to and from Svalbard, Longyearbyen online at

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Accommodation in Longyearbyen, Svalbard

In Longyearbyen, there are several options when choosing accommodations. The standard varies from simple guest house through the exotic Trapper’s hotel to full service hotels.

Recommended Accommodations

Radisson Blu Polar Hotel

Mary-Anns Polarrigg, tilbyr rimelig overnatting på Svalbard

Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg

Basecamp Fangstmannshotellet ligger i sentrum av Longyearbyen på Svalbard. De tilbyr rimelig overnatting under festivalen Dark Season Blues

Basecamp Fangstmannshotellet

Svalbard Lodge. Leiligheter i sentrum av Longyearbyen. Overnattingsmuligheter for de som ønsker å ordne seg selv på sin Svalbardreise.

Svalbard Lodge

Coal Miners Cabins

Svalbard Hotel ligger i sentrum av Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Overnatting

Svalbard Hotel

booking av hotell kan gjøres på

Activity, adventure and trip opportunities are many in Svalbard and Longyearbyen

Many of the activities are contingent on seasons, and the length of the seasons varies from year to year.
The winter season ( November/December – May ) offers many possibilities. Some travellers dream of reaching Svalbards tallest mountain peaks by ski, whereas others prefer to experience the winterlandscape by dog sledge or snow scooter. on Svalbard it is easy to feel engulfed by the sense of infinity and the raw nature.
You can choose between day activities like dogsledding, snowmobile, ice caving etc.
And also overnight trips/expeditions like ski and snowmobile.
During the summer and autumn ( June- September ), it is possible to combine hikes with boat transport or cruises.
The experience of a summer on Svalbard is guaranteed to be enhanced if you sit down in the slope underneath a busting bird mountain, camp among tall mountains and mighty glaciers, or paddle in a kayak while a seal is sunbathing on an ice floe nearby.
Daily summeractivities are, kayaking, boattrips, hiking trips, glacier walk, fossilhunting, birdwatching, dog sledge on wheels.
Please contact one of the recommended tour operators to see what they can offer you of tours and activities during your stay at Svalbard.

  • Turer & Opplevelser.

    Bålkos i polarnatten

  • Utforsk den unike verden inni isbreene på Svalbard. Det er flere isgrotter rett utenfor Longyearbyen


  • Båttur til isbre. Cruise på isfjorden

    Båttur til isbre

  • Båtsafari på Isfjoren på Svalbard


  • Båten i isen. Scootertur til tempelfjorden.

    Båten i isen

  • Tur i polarnatten, blåtimen.

    Tur i polarnatten

  • Noorderlicht. Båt innfrosset i tempelfjorden


  • Tur med beltevog utenfor Longyearbyen


  • Besøk i hundegård i Adventdalen utenfor Longyearbyen


  • Toppturer på Svalbard


  • Kayakpadling i Isfjorden på Svalbard


  • Flerdagsturer med hundeslede på Spitsbergen


  • Cruise med Langøysund. Lokalsbåten til Svalbard. Daglige avganger.

    Cruise med Langøysund

  • Trollstein i mørketiden

    Trollstein i mørketiden

  • Flerdags scooterturer til isfjord Radio

    Isfjord Radio

  • Spennende turer under isbreene på Svalbard. Opplev isgrottene


  • Opplev det fantastiske nordlyset på Spitsbergen


  • Mørketiden på Svalbard er flere måneder. Opplev polarnatten hvor eneste lyset er måneskinnet


  • Utforsk Svalbardnaturen på snøscooter


  • Toppturer arrangeres til flere av Svalbards fjellmasiver


  • Få guidet tur i Longyearbyens nærområde med besøk ved de historiske bygningene


  • Også på sommeren kan man kjøre hundeslede på Svalbard i Adventdalen

    Hundeslede, sommer

  • Hundesledetur på vinteren i adventdalen


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