Press accreditation

All press must have special accreditation to work at our event.

You’ll find the link to the accreditation application at the bottom of this site.

Press can access the public areas, but not the green rooms which is solely for use by the performers. Interviews must be arranged in advance.

Several artists have photo and sound restrictions in place for the press. These must be respected. Further information on this will be provided in advance.

Because of limited capacity, we have to prioritize which media being granted access. Therefore it is important to send such a complementary application as possible.

The following accreditations can be given;
– Newspaper; journalist and photo pass
– Radio; journalist and technician
– TV; journalist and technician
– Accreditation to other festival organizers

Application for organizer-accreditation must include an exchange plan with professional goals. Organisers who have previously received accreditation are not normally given new accreditation. Here we also have very limited capacity. [fancy_link link=”” target = “blank”] NRF’s Organizer Exchange [/fancy_link]

Special requests must be stated in the application.

Accreditation will not be granted for the event at Funktionærmessen Restaurant

There is a special press accreditation for the event at the kindergarten and at the school.
For the event in the kindergartens and at the school, special rules apply to the press If you wish to cover these events, your interest must be stated in the application. Guidelines for media during these events will be clarified in advance by the staff.

The deadline for applying for accreditation for Dark Season Blues 2019 is October 15.

Link to accreditation application