Dark Season Blues – the world's northernmost blues festival

Head to Svalbard in the end of October and experience this unique festival in the High Arctic.
The annual festival is at the time of the year where the Blues are at its best; The entrance to the dark season, during the twilight periode, the blue hour.
The blues festival is held for the twentieth time, 26. to 29. October 2023.

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Dark Season Blues Spitsbergen

Dark Season Blues

Dark Season Blues has since its inception in 2003 also been called the Polar Night Festival. The light at the beginning of dark season is very special in Svalbard. The twilight, also called the blue season, occurs when the sun is in a position below the horizon, and the blue light particles bend into the atmosphere and color the landscape in the Arctic blue. The approach from the blue light to the blue music blues is short, and it is the blue color that envelops the Svalbard landscape that sets the scene for the festival.
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The world map shows Svalbard

The archipelago of Svalbard

At the top of the northern hemisphere lies the archipelago of Svalbard, which is part of the Kingdom of Norway.
Two-thirds of the archipelago is covered by ice and snow. The climate is mild compared to other areas at the same latitudes, with a mean temperature of -4 degrees, averaging +6 in July and -16 in January. Wildlife and plant life are surprisingly rich, and have adapted to the harsh Arctic conditions.
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The travel destination is unique to visit

Travel destination

Svalbard as a destination is unique. The archipelago is one of Europe’s last virtually untouched wilderness areas, and outside the few settlements there are large areas of untouched nature. At the same time, Svalbard is the most easily accessible High Arctic area in the world. The hotels and accommodation in Longyearbyen that we cooperate with have good prices and offers on accommodation. In Longyearbyen, there are several tour operators offering a wide range of tours and activities.
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