Andrew Duncanson & The Blues Deacons (US)

In the past 20 plus years, the Kilborn Alley Blues Band has carved out a nice career with six albums full of tough Chicago style blues interspersed with stirring original songs that delve into the span of emotions between love and heartbreak.

At the core of the band’s sound is the amazing voice of Andrew Duncanson. Since the beginning, his ability to move from a raw, gritty delivery to a soulfully expressive approach has made each of their records a joyous listening experience, as witnessed by the consistent critical acclaim and multiple award nominations. Kilborn Alley Blues Band continues, but at the same time Andrew wants to go some new ways together with an already established band, The Blues Deacons. He has also been in the studio with “our Norwegian” Christoffer “Kid” Andersen in San Jose, California, to record an album from time to time the last couple of years. He cannot praise Kid and his studio enough and looks forward to releasing the album at the right time. The Blues Deacons are Billy «Smokehouse» Galt (guitar), Beau «Blind Dog» Renshaw (bass) og Josh Quirk (drums).

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