JG Hansen (SJ) | Dark Season Blues

The artist with the shortest way to the stage is undoubtebly Jon Gunnar Hansen, or JG Hansen as he goes by as a solo artist.

Before becoming a solo artist following the pressure from the producers of the TV series “Kompani Spitsbergen”, he played in the “mining band” Howlin’Huskies and later in the Advent Bay Poolboys, both of which have played at the festival. He is also a member of the Trio Grande, Karlsberger pub’s band.

396/5000 He has since written his own material, and he has also expanded the repertoire with the songs of others. JG has roots from several blues bands, but stylishly his music is now towards americana and roots. He is described as a good storyteller, and should be just the thing for people who like John Prine, Jason Isbell, John Moreland, Muddy Waters, or simply acoustic music.

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