JT Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters (NO)

The band fronted by Jan Tore Lauritsen is one of the country’s most renowned and hard-working, with many visits at the Dark Season Blues in the past. In 2015 he and the band got a nice third place in the European Blues Challenge. The band also made it to the semi-finals of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in 2016. Last year, the band was able to look back on a 20-year career. It was marked with the album “Blue Eyed Soul Volume 1”, which was nominated for a Spellemann prize in the blues class. In March there was a USA tour and play at the Tampa Bay Blues Festival.

The band released their first album in the fall of 1995, right after they played at the Notodden Blues Festival for the first time. 19 years later, Lauritsen was named recipient of Notodden’s blues award for his diffusion of soul and blues mixed with a bit of tex mex and zydeco. The latter can be attributed in particular to Lauritsen’s accordion – or “the squeeze box” which he himself calls the instrument. In addition, Lauritsen has a voice that has matured with age.

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