Sari Schorr (US)

Sari Schorr debuted in 2016 with the album “A Force of Nature”, produced by Mike Vernon himself – who two years ago visited the festival with his own Mighty Combo. And Sari is truly a musical force of nature, with a voice and radiance that remind of artists such as Janis Joplin, Beth Hart and Tina Turner.

She got herself talked about after her two concerts at the Notodden Blues Festival three years ago. Last year, the album sequel “Never Say Never”, an apt title for an artist who has gone the long way from New York clubs and incorporation into the city’s Blues Hall of Fame, reached the international stage. And the critics got over themselves. She is referred to by Blues In Britain as “an unstoppable tsunami that has stormed the blues rock world”. The British website Maximum Volume Music writes that “she has one of the finest blues voices in modern music” and gives the album ten out of ten points. Well, she has to sprinkle her raw and energetic blues rock over the Dark Season Blues audience.

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