Festival motif | Dark Season Blues 2022

Festival Artist of the Year – Harriet Wiggen

This year's festival motif is made by Harriet Wiggen from Longyearbyen.
Festival motif – Dark Season Blues 2022

Harriet Wiggen has painted this year’s blues motif. She has lived in Longyearbyen for almost seven years, and is currently on maternity leave. The spare time that used to be spent hiking in the mountains and hobby pursuits over the past year has been about the joys and challenges of toddler life. She is proud to deliver yet another festival motif.

The Northern Lights are magical, and it is said that you can hear music when it appears across the sky. This year’s motif reflects dreaming away in a beautiful winter landscape, while the northern lights dance over the mountains and maybe he takes out his guitar and makes a dark age blues.