Svalbard Booking

Svalbard Booking

Svalbard Booking

Postboks 538
9171 Longyearbyen
Telefon: (+47) 79 02 50 00

Svalbardbooking has Svalbard’s itinerary on snowmobile safaris, and at the same time they are working with several operators in Longyearbyen so they can offer a wide range of activities.
We offer rental of snowmobiles, equipment, vehicles and guided tours. We are happy to help with organizing and carrying out logistical tasks as transport, research, filming, photography or smaller tasks.
Svalbardbooking offers accommodation in large, modern 2- and 3-bedroom apartments at Svalbard Lodge, or hotel room at the full service hotel, Svalbard Hotel.

Svalbard Lodge is in centrum of Longyearbyen. 2- or 3-rom appartments

Svalbard Lodge

Svalbard Hotel is located in centrum og Longyearbyen.

Svalbard Hotel

Festival offer 2017

Special festival prices 2018

Svalbard Booking offers special prices on accommodation during Dark Season Blues.

Svalbard Hotel:

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Svalbard Lodge:

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Contact by phone: (+47) 79 02 50 00