Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips (NO)

There is still talk about the concert of blues man Amund Maarud and the country / americana band Lucky Lips at Notodden Blues Festival last year. The project was “unveiled” at Notodden. Not long after came the album, to rave reviews, and an extended tour began a year ago. It is therefore a very coherent group that performs on the stage in Longyearbyen.

“The goal with this album was to write and perform music that did not depend on the soundstage being processed through either echoes or fuzz boxes to work,” said Amund (38) before its publication. Together they created a sound where acoustic instruments live side by side with his dirty guitar and blues-influenced vocals.

Several of the songs were co-written with Nashville artist Jace Everett, who has also played on Dark Season Blues. “Whole country / blues mix,” concluded Dagbladet’s reviewer, who also wrote: “Don’t think for a moment that his signature has been erased. On the contrary, they have together found an expression that unites country and blues in an excellent way, an expression that mixes Amund’s songwriting and his blues guitar, the two voices of Amund and Malin Pettersen, Stian Jørgen Sveen’s steel guitar and Even Reinsfelt Krogh’s banjo. With more.”

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