Buddy Whittington & Trond Olsen Band (US/NO)

The collaboration between Buddy Whittington and the Trond Olsen Band started many years ago, and brought them to Svalbard five years ago. Now they’re back with a mix of each other’s songs, seasoned with the occasional blues classic.

Texan Buddy Whittington is full of talents. He is a highly respected guitarist and singer with a heart for blues. He demonstrated his tasteful guitar playing, among other things, through 15 years of experience in John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers. Mayall is known for smelling a good guitarist at a long distance. When the band made a stop in Texas in 1991, Whittington’s then band, The Sidemen, warmed to Mayall. When Coco Montoya was to join the band a few years later, Whittington received a phone call with job offers from Mayall. He didn’t need any time to think.

For the past 21 years he has toured and released records with his own Buddy Whittington Band, but he will return to Longyearbyen with his friends from Bergen. Trond Olsen Band debuted with “A New Day Coming” in 2009 and has been frequent guests at clubs and festivals ever since.

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