Motif competition Dark Season Blues 2023

Competition announcement – Festival motif for Dark Season Blues 2023

The Dark Season Blues festival will be held in 2023 for the twentieth time.  In connection with this, we are announcing a competition for the delivery of the motif for the anniversary festival.

The motif will be used, among other things, on t-shirts, posters, in advertisements, program booklets and other printed matter in connection with the festival.

Anyone who wants to can participate in the motif competition. The deadline for submitting a draft is [passert], and it must be possible to submit the finished motif within  [passert] .

As inspiration, you will find previous years’ motifs at the bottom of the page. We emphasize that these motives are only included to initiate creative processes in the participants – do not feel bound by them in any way. You are also free to decide whether you want to include the year or not. Each participant can also submit several drafts, either different themes or variations on the same theme.

The winner is invited to Longyearbyen in connection with the festival Dark Season Blues 2023 and will receive reimbursement for travel and accommodation. Limited to flights from/to mainland Norway and hotel stays in Longyearbyen. Optionally a cash prize of NOK 5,000,-

The winner is also invited to have an exhibition/sales exhibition during the festival.

Criteria for the subject:

  • Should contain blue tones.
  • Should be associated with music and preferably the genre of blues.
  • Should be associated with Svalbard or Longyearbyen.

If the motif comes with text such as Dark Season Blues, “20th” should also be included.

Contributions should be sent to

Other terms:

  • Submitted entries cannot have been published before submission to the competition, nor can submissions be published or used elsewhere for one year after submission without an agreement with Longyearbyen Bluesklubb (LBK).
  • The motive that wins the competition falls to LBK. LBK can, in dialogue with the submitter, make simple adjustments and modifications to the motif.
  • LBK has the rights to use winning motifs, limited to the subject being illustration for the Dark Season Blues 2023 festival. 
  • The motif designer can, once this has been clarified with LBK, use the motif in e.g. sales exhibitions.