Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg | Longyearbyen

Polarriggen 882

Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg

Postboks 17
9171 Longyearbyen
Tel: (+47) 79 02 37 02

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Tel. +47 79 02 37 02

Mary-Ann's Polarrigg



You are greeted by the real Svalbard at Mary-Anns Polarrigg in Longyearbyen, both outside and within the rough wooden walls. Polarriggen is an exciting and unique accommodation. Once the guests have been there, they keep coming back – again and again.

Mary-Ann_polarriggen VinterhagenMary-Anns Polarrigg can offer basic and cheap accommodation for those who just need a place to sleep between the Svalbard viewing, and can also offer accommodation to families, and to those who wish to pamper themself with something really luxury.
No matter what level you go on, you will be surrounded by a family atmosphere full of Svalbards history