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Travelling to and from Svalbard – residence permit and citizenship

Even though Svalbard is a part of Norway, the Svalbard Treaty stipulates rules for how authority is exercised on the archipelago. Unlike mainland Norway, the Immigration Act is not applicable to our archipelago. Neither are Schengen Cooperation rules.
This means that no residence permit or visa is needed to settle on Svalbard.

It is important to note that, since the Immigration Act is not valid on Svalbard, as a rule one will not build up any rights to Norwegian citizenship, a work permit or a residence permit for the Norwegian mainland, even if one has lived on Svalbard for many years.

Citizens from other countries with a visa requirement if entering the Schengen area must have a valid passport in order to enter or travel through Schengen countries. If the final destination for your travel is one of the other Schengen countries (not Norway) then an application must be presented toward the authorities in the country of destination.
Foreign nationals residing on Svalbard may present an application for a visa, Norwegian citizenship, a Norwegian work and/or a residence permit to the District Governor of Svalbard. As of 24 October 2008, all applications for visas, residence permits and citizenship shall be sent to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) for handling.
One must expect to wait a few weeks before a visa application has been processed, and it is important to have this done in good time prior to your journey. Complicated cases and applications for residence and citizenship can take many months to decide.

Information about application procedures, case procedure times and the application form itself from UDI can be found at the website,
UDI also has its own directory enquiry service (Opplysningstjenesten) which applicants may contact directly. This service can answer your questions on how to apply, case procedure times and whether your application has finally been decided upon. The enquiry service can give information on individual cases and many different kinds of cases.
In order to gain information on one’s own particular case, it is necessary to give the DUF reference number. If you wish for confidential information on another person, you will need to send a written and signed power of attorney authorizing your right to this information. The power of attorney form can be found at

Passport control when travelling to and from Svalbard.

In February of 2011, a new system for checking the passports of all travelers arriving at or de parting Svalbard because Svalbard is located outside the Schengen area. This means that there will be a passport and security check in Tromsø or Oslo.
All travelers must present a valid travel document, passport or national ID card. This also applies to Scandinavian citizens.
As a temporary scheme, for Norwegian citizens only, a driver’s license issued after 1998 may be used, or a bank card issued in Norway or a Ministry of Defense ID card (FD – ID), until we can create a national ID card.
A child does not need a passport or ID card if the child is identified by an adult who accompanies the child to the airplane or who travels together with the child.

Work or study on Svalbard

You will need a Norwegian identity number for use with your employer and any Norwegian banking agreements if you have not worked in Norway or on Svalbard previously. This can be ordered from the tax office by presenting a passport or national identity card.
Scandinavian citizens may present a driver’s license together with a dated, signed and stamped attestation from their home country’s population regist er as an alternative to a passport.
Handling this process should take about one week.

No public social services

Any person residing on Svalbard must have sufficient economic resources to finance theirstay, or must be able to make a living by legal means.
You may be expelled from the country or refused entry into Svalbard if this is not the case.
The Social Services Act is not applic able on Svalbard. This implies that, for example, persons living here have no right to economic assistance for subsistence or housing. It also means that one has no claim to any other form of assistance as laid down in the Social Services Act, such as prac tical assistance for special needs for help because of illness, disability or age.
Norway is a member state of the EEA Agreement. Svalbard is kept outside the terms of this cooperation.

Announced Jobs/Vacancies on Svalbard

Most of the vacancies are written in Norwegian. The first list here is in Norwegian, but you can find a small number of the job vacancies in English text underneath it.

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Only a small number of the vacancies are written in English:
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